Second Pregnancy Song

Thirteen weeks pregnant again. Another round of fatigue, nausea, and almost-vomiting.

A second pregnancy is interesting, especially with an under-two toddler to take care of during the downright exhausting first-trimester. Of course, I was working full-time when pregnant with that toddler, so it’s still like I’m working, but now I’m at home, and I’m much happier at home than I would have been in the classroom. This pregnancy has helped me to not miss my previous career, and so has my son.

The aches and pains are more intense this time around, perhaps because I’m three years older than I was when I experienced my initial first trimester. My sciatic pain that came in my third trimester hit me at about 9 weeks. I’m already feeling round ligament pain, I think because I started showing earlier than last time. I’ve also felt so much more fatigued and nauseated than what I remember. Some of that might be due to chasing a toddler around the house and trying to keep him entertained.

I had all these plans to write after ending my job, and then I found out we were expecting. I became pregnant almost immediately after the last day of school (hooray, freedom?). My ability to create written content has really suffered these past thirteen weeks. It’s like all the energy for being creative has gone to a more literal act of creation in my body.

This baby is called Minnow until we find out the gender. Minnow is healthy and due between March 1st and 4th, according to his/her first ultrasound. I’m scheduling the c-section this time around, so I will only be allowed to grow Minnow for 39 weeks. Because of that, Minnow might actually be born in the last week of February. Either way, it works out to six more months until we become a family of four. And I know millions of people exist in families of four, but I’m very curious to see how it will redefine our current structure.

And that’s all the time and energy I have to write about this.


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