The Art of Being

“If you want to make a Christian work, then be Christian, and simply try to make a beautiful work into which your heart will pass; do not try to ‘make Christian.’ Do not make the absurd attempt to disassociate in yourself the artist and the Christian. They are one, if you are truly Christian, and if your art is not isolated from your soul by some system of aesthetics. But apply only the artist to the work; precisely because the artist and the Christian are one, the work will derive wholly from each of them… The entire soul of the artist reaches and rules his work, but it must reach it and rule it only through the artistic habitus. Art tolerates no division here… Christian work would have the artist, as artist, free” (Jacques Maritain).

Creativity is about relationship with the True Self and, in ways, the True Self of other people. For me as well, it is about relationship with God, walking in tandem with the Spirit and how He designed me to be. Creativity isn’t always about creating something tangible either. Often it is this feeling that overcomes me, but it only overcomes me when I allow it to overcome me, and I only allow it to overcome me when I give it time to overcome me.

I have, for the first time in a long time, TIME. My summer classes ended this part Thursday, and I submitted the final grades last night. Today was my first day of being a housewife and expectant mother–not a teacher, not a lecturer, not a grader. Of course, a 24 hour period of existence is not sufficient to determine if one likes this trajectory, but so far I’m at peace.

“Beauty isn’t always carefully planned and programmed. Sometimes it’s just a matter of slowing down and giving the mind and soul time to be reflective and responsive, and then looking, or listening, and going with what is seen or heard” (Luci Shaw).

I wrote these two quotes down in my paper journals back in January 2015. I was wanting this space of beauty even then. I think I’ve been wanting it since I knew I could create.

I’m reminded this evening of the best tiny house I have ever seen on YouTube. I’d love to have one of these writer’s cabins on our property.

When I watch this, I want to be a writer more than anything else.

I’m hoping that I can see and hear something full of beauty, wonder, and direction during this time before baby comes.


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